Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Start learning STEM skills at home with Minecraft

To help Canadian families find fresh and fun ways to expand at-home education, STEM Camp is offering the first-ever Minecraft Madness Virtual Camp!

After the Ontario Government decided to postpone March Break, we’re now offering this new program from April 12 - April 16th. 

This virtual camp experience is going to be so much fun your kids won’t even realize they’re learning skills that will propel them into a better future. In our program, campers will build a rollercoaster, code their own mini-game, and much more! All levels of ability can participate with activities for beginners as well as kids that have already mastered some of the many possibilities of the game. 

All you need is a device with Minecraft, preferably a computer or a laptop that has good audio and a webcam. It’s also possible on mobile devices, though the touch screen might make certain aspects of the camp challenging. 

Any child between 5 and 13 years old is eligible to enroll. To successfully join the Minecraft server, you will need the Java or Bedrock edition of Minecraft. Those with the Playstation version of Minecraft can participate, but won’t be able to join the server with other campers. 

If you encounter problems joining the server, you might need to sign in to a Microsoft account in the game and make sure the account permissions allow your child to join other servers. Nintendo Switch players will need an online subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. 

Each session is an hour long, but we allow some cushion as well. Our instructors will be available before and after the sessions to answer any questions and assist with any technical issues. With children 6 and under, we recommend that parents be present to ensure the best possible experience for their child. In general, some parental involvement could be helpful, and we encourage parents to check in with their child in case they need to assist with any technical issues that may occur. This helps ensure the best possible experience.

Campers will be guided through several activities and builds each day, and we try to cater these tasks to the ability level of each child. In addition, building challenges will ask campers to apply the things they’ve learned while collaborating with other campers. 

Each session of five or more students will have at least two instructors. No more than 15 participants will be allowed in each session, and we are offering multiple times throughout the day from 9 am to 4 pm. 

We will use BlueJeans video conferencing for the sessions, which you can download here. If you need to purchase Minecraft, you can download it here

Don’t hesitate to give your child an immersive and engaging learning experience to break the doldrums of the pandemic. 

Sign up today! Or learn more here.

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